National Fishing Month

22nd July to 29th August 2016

National Fishing Month

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Welcome to National Fishing Month 2016

Welcome to the National Fishing Month website.

This year, National Fishing Month will begin on the 22nd July, and conclude on the 29th August.

As in previous years, the idea behind National Fishing Month is to encourage every family member to have a go at fishing. It does not matter what age you are, or what previous experience you have. Nor does it matter which cultural or social background you may be from. Fishing is for everyone!

Fishery owners, organisers and angling coaches give up their valuable time to support National Fishing Month, so please take this opportunity to have a go at this wonderful sport. Click here to find an event near you, to make sure you do not miss out!

It's in the bag

Feb 12 2016


Angling Direct has joined the 5p bag scheme… but with a big difference. In conjunction with the Angling Trades Association (ATA) - of which the company is a member - ALL proceeds generated from sales of Angling Direct carrier bags will go directly towards supporting National Fishing Month (NFM).

Working Together For The Future Of Angling

Feb 11 2016


Exciting developments following on from a number of discussions have resulted in the recent announcement that the Angling Trades Association (ATA) and the Angling Trust (AT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).  

The strategic aim of this collaboration is to secure a sustainable future for angling by recruiting and retaining more anglers, campaigning to protect and improve fish stocks and the rights of anglers to fish for them and thereby generating more customers for the trade.

What is it all about?

Jan 01 2015

National Fishing Month offers unique opportunities for the protection and promotion of angling. It has the potential to:-

  • Increase the number of people getting involved in the sport.
  • Inform the general public about the economic, social and environmental benefits of angling.
  • Influence decisions about access, environmental policy and wildlife management so that they take the importance of angling into account.
  • Improve diversity amongst anglers to counter any perception that it is exclusively a male, white, able-bodied only pursuit.

National Fishing Month is a celebration of the sport of angling. All over the country qualified coaches give their time to welcome newcomers to this marvellous sport. Fees are waived and tackle is often made available free of charge too. Events are organised around the UK to show people who have never fished before how to do it. If you'd like to try fishing then now is your big chance.

What is actually going to happen?

From 22nd July to 29th August, there will be hundreds of locally organised angling events offering non-anglers the opportunity to be taught how to fish, FREE OF CHARGE, by a qualified licensed Coach and within a controlled environment.

Do you want to organise an event?

National Fishing Month falls apart without the assistance of event organisers. We are therefore searching for volunteers to run National Fishing Month events.

Organisers can be angling clubs, schools, tackle shops, fisheries - in fact anyone with an interest in fishing. Many clubs and societies use National Fishing Month as a way of increasing membership.

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Events Calendar

July 2016

Events which took place on this day:

Junior sea fishing event (NE6 1BU)


Events which took place on this day:

Carp In The Park NFM Coaching (NN3 9DA)


Events which took place on this day:

VAC coaching session No4 FR (AL2 2DQ)


Events which took place on this day:

Local School private day (TR4 9AN)


Events which took place on this day:

GVAC - NFM Fish Club Event (IP6 8JD)


Events which took place on this day:

Fishing is for everyone (CF47 8PA)


Events which took place on this day:

Sportfish NFM Launch event (RG7 4AS)


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