National Fishing Month

24 July - 30 August 2021


FREE events to go fishing - learn to fish



Give fishing a go this National Fishing Month



Get outdoors, have fun and learn how to fish. Join us at our events...


Welcome to National Fishing Month!

National Fishing Month is happening NOW between 24th July to 30th August 2021

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Find events across the country to give fishing a go. Learn how to fish this summer holiday at hundreds of FREE fun, safe and friendly events nationwide for families and kids - all ages and experience levels welcome!

We want our wonderful waterways to feel an open and inviting place for everybody and raise awareness that fishing is about so much more than catching a fish!

Going fishing is your chance to get out in nature, have fun, spend time with others or simply, to relax on your own.

Steps have been taken to improve inclusivity this year, with a calendar that features family-friendly, women's and wheelchair-accessible events. Everyone is welcome on our waterways.

Getting more people fishing

We are committed to helping more people go fishing more often, increasing the diversity of participants, and raising the standards of safeguarding and coaching. 

The Angling Trades Association created this initiative to encourage more people to get a taste for fishing, and with its partners in the Angling Trust, Environment Agency and Canal & River Trust, National Fishing Month is reaching an ever-growing number of people, encouraging the next generation of anglers to enjoy time by the water.

Angling Trades Association

The Angling Trades Association (ATA) represents angling manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, fisheries, publishers and distributors. The Association counts amongst its members a majority of the UK’s major angling suppliers, as well as leading retailers, fisheries and publishers. The Angling Trades Association’s aim is to promote, represent and protect.

Angling Trust

The Angling Trust is a representative body for all anglers in England and Wales. Our members support the campaigns we carry out to protect fish and fishing and our programmes to increase participation. We are recognised by Sport England as the national governing body in England and promote active lifestyles and maintaining a regular angling habit.

Canal & River Trust

We're the charity who look after and bring to life 2,000 miles of waterways, because we believe that life is better by water. Our research shows that spending time by water, whether it be your lunchbreak, daily commute or just a weekend stroll, really can make us feel happier and healthier. We are uniquely placed to improve the wellbeing of millions of people.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency funds the Angling Trust to provide more opportunities for people to go fishing and encourage sales of fishing rod licences. Money from fishing licence sales is spent on improving fisheries habitat and angling infrastructure through projects like the Angling Improvement Fund. We work to create better places for people and wildlife.

Get outdoors, have fun and learn how to fish.
Switch off, enjoy the silence, and lose yourself by fishing in nature.
Unwind near the water and start your passion for fishing. Join us at our events...

Find an event near you

About National Fishing Month events

There are hundreds of angling events planned across many parts of the country during National Fishing Month. Events covering coarse, game and sea angling will be available for anglers of all ages and genders. Find out what's happening near you and when.

Get Fishing - father and son whip fishing together.

Find an event near you

Fishing is Good for You!

There are proven Health and Wellbeing Benefits of going fishing

National Fishing Month is all about the social, wellbeing and environmental benefits of angling.

Angling offers you a chance to get outside, experience nature at its best, take a breath and allow your mind the time it needs to reset. Spending time outdoors has been shown to be beneficial to the mental health of individuals. It can improve overall mental health and also help to protect from health problems.

Come to a fishing event during National Fishing Month - enjoy being outdoors and get a taste for fishing at the same time.



Relax and Reduce Stress

Spending time outside and being at one with nature relaxes both the body and mind. Being able to step away from busy and stressful lifestyles is needed sometimes - your mind needs a rest too. Many of us still neglect the importance of mental health compared to the effort we put into physical health.

Come Fishing - Relax and Reduce Stress


Improve Patience

Time spent fishing has been proven to improve your patience as well as concentration levels. It’s not often that you cast a line and get a bite straight away, so fishing puts your patience to the test. This also builds the persistence and concentration levels needed to catch a fish.

Come Fishing - Improve Patience


Stay Fit

Fishing is an activity that gets the whole body moving. Walking or cycling to your venue or wading up river currents keeps you moving and your blood flowing. Exercise and physical activity has both an immediate and a long-term effect on our health, as well as reducing stress and the risk of disease.

Come Fishing - Stay Fit

A licence to chill

Why you need to get a fishing licence before you go fishing

When you buy your fishing rod licence, you're not only buying a licence to chill, but you're directly helping to fund activities that benefit the sport we all enjoy. Income from licence sales is re-invested into angling and the angling community by supporting activity such as improving fish stocks, supporting fishery community projects and improving fisheries habitat. Get your licence today.

Buy a rod fishing licence

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Get the National Fishing Month Booklet

Want to begin your angling journey?
It’s easy to get started but only when you know how, and our booklet shows you how to fish and who to ask for more help or to get the right tackle you need. With FREE info on what to do and the fish you might catch it's an invaluable help for beginners, families, coaches and teachers.


In this kind of fishing you try to catch fish in freshwater rather than the sea, and the fish are returned to the water instead of taking them for food. Most people live within a few miles of a freshwater river, canal, lake or pond where they can catch coarse fish after getting a fishing licence and permission or a ticket to fish from the fishery owner.



The UK’s coastline offers up one of the richest opportunities for sea angling to be found anywhere in the world. From the warm waters of the Atlantic in the south west to the cold waters of the Northern North Sea, a huge variety of habitats and species can be found to offer year round sea fishing action. This booklet tells you more....



Game fishing is where you try to catch fish in freshwater and sometimes the fish are taken for food if the venue or fishery owner allows. Most people live within a few miles of a freshwater river, stream lake or pond where they can catch game fish with a fishing licence and permission or a ticket to fish from the fishery owner.


National Fishing Month is supported by...

National Fishing Month is brought to you through the generous support of...

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Innovation is key for Shimano. We feel it is our responsibility to the market and our customers to produce innovative products that make fishing continuously more attractive.

We want to hear from you

Our aim is to increase participation and diversity amongst anglers and to involve people with decisions surrounding access, environmental policy and wildlife management in and around waterways.

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